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How does Coco get the gopher head inside? You must have a kitty flap door or something? Could you just lock her out? My cat used to bring birds and mice up to the front door as some kind of offering to me; I don't think he ever really considered eating them, just played with them till they died. I wouldn't've wanted them inside the house though. Yuk.

I can relate on the panic front. Good luck. I figure the "easy" life of crime isn't worth the stress.


Yes, indeed we have a cat door for the cats to come in and out. This is due to laziness on our part, and the desire to avoid having a littler box of any kind in the house. So you see our dilemma. We can either wake up to gruesome body parts, or other even less appealing...presents.

Martin Rundkvist

Haha! Your son F clearly has a way with words and an impressive sense of delivery. Destined for great things, no doubt!

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