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Martin Rundkvist

Your description of Coco's activities reminds me of Sophus. He was a kitten of my first wife's cat Cassandra, and I was present at his birth. Sophus was a gorgeous pale terracotta tomcat and lived with our neighbour, a single woman with an apartment on the ground floor.

He too would bring prey home. Mice and voles, mainly, but when hunting went poorly, he would sometimes bring an earthworm. The nadir of Sophus's hunting career was the day when he came home and offered his landlady a ... I hesitate to write this ... a potato.


Ick. Gopher blood. I'd take fruit or root vegetables anyday.


Inkling, I fervently agree. And Martin, your earthworm stalking cat reminds me of a time I totally freaked out at a writhing vivid blue worm on my studio floor. On closer examination (not too close), it was revealed to be a hapless worm the cat brought in, and dropped into some of the blue chalkline chalk dusting my floor. I almost felt sorry for it. What an ignominious end. And I'm totally phobic about worms.


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