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Martin R

Fruit is really just veggies with extra sugar in them. She'll be fine with apples and bananas.


Still here! Still reading!

Good luck with the contractor's exam and projects. And with the food issues -- I have a super-picky kid, too, and I am counting as one of major parenting achievements the fact that he now eats one baby carrot a day. Next up: one fruit, any fruit!


Yeah, I don't believe it either that kids choose a healthy diet. My youngest will only eat one vegetable: cucumbers. I never thought I'd be putting cucumber slices in a kid's lunch box. Well, I s'pose it's easier than artichokes, anyway. :)


Hey look you posted! And I missed it! I will check back more frequently.


I was always worried that my son did not eat enough, his pediatrician said he will eat what he needs and when he's hungry, well he's still a tall/lanky little thing but he's healthy.. Both of my darlings are extremely picky though.. we'll see how it goes :)


Hi, Martha! Just checking in to see if you're okay!

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